One Sleeve Backpack with One Strap Anti-theft Sling Bag Made for Men


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Customer Questions & Answers

Q:Can this hold a small umbrella?
A:Hello, the pack size is : 9.1*13.7 inch, but it's Thin thickness. So you'd better measuring your umbrella's size.

Q:How big is the magnetic phone compartment? can it fit a samsung s8 phone. s8 measures 5.8 inches diagonally and h * w is 5.86 in × 2.68 in
A:Yes, we have checked the size of the phone compartment, it fit your samsung s8.

Q:I am 6'3" and a fit 255lbs. Will this fit me? I have had issues in the past with short straps.
A:Hello, friend, the strap length range of our sling backpack is 32.7-41.3 inches / 83-105cm. Hope this could help you.

Q:Does it fit a kindle?
A:Yes! I use it all the time to take my Kindle paper-white. The Kindle only fits in the largest pocket all the way in the back. The pocket is bigger than the Kindle but the bag fits pretty snugly and doesn't move around a lot, so I'm not worried.

Q:Is the strap length adjustable? If not, will it be good for a person with average height, say 5.6 to 5.8?
A:Dear the strap length is adjustable . Strap Length Range: 32.7-41.3 inches / 83-105cm. it will be ok for you .

Q:I need to wear this on my right side with the strap over my left shoulder. Can it be worn this way?
A:Yes, that is the way that I use to wear it. I bought it around 1 year and I use it in every travel, is a good way to keep safe your money and passport.

Q:Would I be able to fit a flat item 10.8 x 5.5 inches?
A:No. It's a tight squeeze for anything bigger than my big cellphone. Also filling one pocket restricts other pockets.

Q:Is this waterproof or water resistant?
A:It’s water resistant. Water rolls right off.

Q:can it be worn on the right side bc the pic show it only hanging on the left
A:Yes. It’s pretty verditile. I wear it while running around at work. I normally wear it on the right side and sometimes slip it do that the bag is on my back.

Q:Will the phone slot hold a pixel xl or larger iphone?
A:It could fit even you small I pad with is bigger than any Iphone so far.

Q:will it fit 10.5 iPad pro ?
A:Dear , it can't fit 10.5 ipad pro .it prefect fit for 7.9 inch ipad mini

Q:Will the pocket with the magnetic snap fit a iPhone 8 Plus?
A:I am not sure about iPhone but my Galaxy S9 fits well with extra space available.

Q:What is the shortest length of the strap? I'm a 5'2 woman and want to make sure it's not too loose
A:I am 5"4 and the strap is perfect for me. Go ahead and purchase it, I just love it and its also water proof.

Q:Can it fit a wallet, cell phone and sunglasses with a sunglasses case?
A:es. It has a pocket that fits a cell phone. Then other pockets that can fit a wallet and sunglasses, but best fits slim wallets not fat bulky ones nor bulky sunglass case. Plenty of deep room but not a for bulky fat items. I love mine. It lays flat on my side. Not heavy. Strap adjusts nicely. Allows you to do activities with your hands free. Perfect for travel, hiking, dogwalking or just as you light all-purpose carrying bag. Does not look girly. Nor too manly

Q:Will it fit an iPad Air. Measures 10 x 8
A:No. It will carry a Kindle or mini-iPad just fine though.

Q:does a mac book pro 13in fit?
A:not at at, maybe a ipad mini


One Sleeve Backpack Material: Polyester, nylon (water resistant)
One Sleeve Backpack: 10.2 x 13 inches
One Sleeve BackpackSided length: 11 inches
One Sleeve Backpack Strap Length Range: 32.7-41.3 inches
One Sleeve Backpack Weight: 225g
Recommended Use of Sling Pack: traveling,daily courier,walking,commuting 

Package included
1 x Fashion Sling Bag
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