Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
waterfly sling bag
WATERFLY Fashion Chest Sling Backpack - waterfly
WATERFLY Fashion Chest Sling Backpack - waterfly
Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack
Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack
Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack
Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack
Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack

Waterfly Sling Pack Crossbody Backpack

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Customer Questions & Answers

Q:How is the shoulder strap padding? Plan on using daily during commutes entailing moderate periods of walking.
A:Hi there, the shoulder strap is lightly padded. backpack is very lightweight and doesn't pull on your shoulder. We used these on our most recent trip to Disney. My 8 yr old carried one. I hope that helps in your decision

Q:Will this strap fit across a large-chested woman? Does the strap extend far enough?
A:I AM a large chested woman and it fits fine across me.

Q:Can you switch the strap from the left to the right side of the bag and vice versa?
A:Yes! It's just a simple clip on the end of the strap. I found it very handy!

Q:Does this bag have a waist belt?
A:No, just a shoulder sling.

A:It is Water repellent.

Q:Can it hold dslr camara
A:Yes, dear friend, the size of our sling bag is 7.9*3.1*14.2 inch (L*W*H), the main pouch could fit your dslr camara.

Q:Will this fit a newspaper and bag with a muffin or two?
A:The main Pouch is 9.84x13.78 inches(WxH). It can hold iPad 3/4/5/6 and A4 magazine easily. So it can fit your newspaper, bag and muffin.

Q:Can the bag be carried as a back sling or is it just a front cross body ?
A:This is a very nice bag and it can be used either way very comfortably. Hope you enjoy!

Q:Can it fit a 13 inch MacBook / computer
A:Dear customer, the main pocket of our sling bag is 9.84x13.78 inches(WxH) ,it can hold iPad 3/4/5/6.

Q:Will my Iphone 6-plus fit shoulder pouch? 6.22 inches L, 3.06 inches wide, 0.28 inch depth.
A:Yes. My iphone 6-plus fits in the pouch with no problem, even with My thick otterbox case.

Q:Will the strap pocket hold a Samsung S5 ?
A:It will hold a iPhone 6S and a pair of sunglasses at once or a Samsung Note 4 by itself. So it should hold an S5.

Q:I’m going to a theme park and need to know if is big enough to Cary water bottles and a light jacket
A:I'll assume you meant CARRY water bottles...and yes you could carry one or two, depending how big they are. No more than 16.9 oz tho. And along with the water bottles you would have room for a light jacket; and still have room for keys, wallet, and cell phone. Have fun at the theme park!

Q:Can fat persons use this without being to tight?
A:You can use it as over shoulder use

Q:can an IPad Pro 12.9 inch screen fit in this bag
A:Not at all

Q:Is there room for my medicine, tablet, phone and water bottle plus very small purse
A:Depends on the size of those items. My Iphone 6s went in the shoulder pouch. My Ipad Pro 9inch went inside the zippered part and a softcover book, plus some other misc. items. I also had a small umbrella in the mesh pocket. Depending on how round your water bottle is, it will not fit inside the mesh pocket. My only complaint is the more I put in the bag and the heavier it got, I had to constantly keep tightening the strap to keep it sitting at a comfortable place on my back. This can be remedied with Velcro zip-ties to keep the strap in place.

Q:Can this bag hold an iPad?
A:Yep - just checked.

Q:Can you fit a 13" Mac Book Air?
A:It can hold a 13" Mac Book Air:)

Q:Will this hold my sons basketball sneakers? He's 10.
A:Yes, it should hold his sneakers, unless his feet are man sized like a 12-14. That might prove a bit difficult.

Q:What size laptop can it fit in this bag?
A:Only a 9 or 10 inch tablet will fit in this bag.

Q:Will this hold travel mug with 2.95" diameter?
A:No. I tried and it was a real squeeze. It makes it really hard to get out to take a drink while hiking. I use a smaller diameter bottle now. Wish it was a little more stretchy and forgiving.

Q:Is the inside spacious enough to fit towel, bathing suit, goggles and flip flops? Planning on biking to and from my gym for my daily swims.
A:Depends on towel size everything else will fit nicely


Sling Bag Material: Nylon (water-resistant)

Sling Bag Shoulder strap pouch (L x W x H): 3.54 x 7.48 x 1.57 inches

Sling Bag Strap Length Range: 29.1 - 44.1 inches

Sling Bag Size (L x W x H): 7.9 x 3.1 x 14.2 inches

Sling Bag Weight: 204g

Recommended Use of Sling Pack: family trip, days hike, family trip to Disneyland,traveling

Package included: 1 x sling bag