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Why Ourdoor brand are so expensive?

Why Ourdoor brand are so expensive?

, by Adam Lee, 2 min reading time

If you are an outdoor adventure lover, you should know that well know outdoor brands are more expensive than others, especially, clothes. Normally, Outdoor brands are only possible to meet the needs of most people, so some outdoor sports do not only require professional knowledge and very strong practical skills, but also a certain financial base.

However, in the past two years, Coronavirus has spared all over the world, we have to stay at home and make everything slow down. So when lockdown ends, people start to go all out when it comes to their trips in a kind of frenetic return to the world of travel. Outdoor adventure is the best choice, you don’t have to worry too crowd, and also can enjoy the view.

Where there is a need, there is production, That’s why there have so many outdoor brands. Next, let’s talk about why outdoor brands are expensive.

1. Fabric

Fabric is one of the most expensive costs in Top-brand. The fabric needs breathable and waterproof and to keep warm, these are the basic standard, you need eco-friendly at the same time. And top-brand, usually they have exclusive design or high tec fabric. For example, Arcteryx, they have an ALPHA SV jacket. The description said:

Comments on the Arcteryx Website:

2. Design and Craft

Many people think that outdoor brands have no sense of Fashion, so they think it’s expensive. However, if you are familiar with Outdoor adventure, when you doing outdoor adventure, like extreme weather, you need a jacket that can keep you warm and wind-resistant. In summer, Ultra-light and breathable gear are best sellers.

3. Eco-friendly

Most outdoor brands are very environmentally friendly, not only in terms of their fabrics but the brands are also involved in some environmental activities. Another important point here is that many brands are fast-moving, including some outdoor products, which are causing the environment to deteriorate. What we are promoting is the protection of the environment but also of people. Many brands are industrially processed in their choice of fabrics, which is why some people buy new clothes or new shoes and bags and sell a big pungent smell.

So when people purchase outdoor gear should not focus on the price, also need to find out if they are environmentally friendly.

4. The power of branding

Outdoor brands like luxury brands, also need marketing. With your quality being high, doing relative marketing will bring the brand to the next level. But many outdoor brands are built up over time, they more focus on the products. Brands work because they can slot our individual value systems.

To be honest, Marketing and Quality are both important to Branding, Outdoor brands need more cost in this.


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