Family Fun to Professional Play

Family Fun to Professional Play

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My Journey with FlingGolf 


Austin Ebersole (IG:showtime_flings)



In 2019, a new twist on golf emerged at the American Classic Golf Club in Lewes, Delaware - FlingGolf. Little did I know that what started as a family activity would soon turn into a professional passion. The journey has been exciting, filled with milestones, and a testament to the growing popularity of this innovative sport.


A Family Affair 

When my family and I introduced FlingGolf to our golf course, we had a simple idea in mind: to provide families with a unique opportunity to bond while enjoying the outdoors. Nestled in Lewes, Delaware, American Classic Golf Club became the perfect setting for families to come together and experience the joy of playing FlingGolf. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of an incredible adventure.

Shark Tank and ESPN Recognition

In early 2021, FlingGolf stepped onto the national stage, making an appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank. This exposure caught the attention of ESPN producers, leading to even greater recognition for the sport. The spotlight was on, and FlingGolf was ready to take its next big step.

The Birth of World League FlingGolf

With newfound attention and growing interest, FlingGolf transitioned into a professional sport with the inception of the World League FlingGolf. This league traverses the United States, organizing tournaments that bring FlingGolf enthusiasts together from all corners of the country. From the sunny shores of California to the lush greens of Delaware, the sport was on the move.


Chasing the Dream

As FlingGolf gained momentum, so did my personal journey within the sport. What began as a casual pastime for families became a competitive endeavor for me. I embraced FlingGolf as a professional pursuit, taking my passion for the sport to a whole new level.

Achieving Milestones

Throughout my FlingGolf career, I've had the privilege of celebrating significant achievements. Victories in the men's individual championships in both Virginia and Colorado stand out as some of my proudest moments. However, it's the camaraderie and shared victories that make this journey truly special. My professional team, the Apex Fling Crew, secured three consecutive team championships, highlighting the power of teamwork and dedication.


Sharing the Joy

Beyond the competitive aspect, my FlingGolf journey has also been about spreading the joy of the sport. Running clinics to introduce new players to the game, educating people about FlingGolf, and countless rounds played with family and friends have enriched my experience. Seeing others discover the excitement of FlingGolf is incredibly rewarding.


From a family-friendly outdoor activity to a professional pursuit, my journey with FlingGolf has been nothing short of remarkable. The sport's growth from local courses to national recognition on Shark Tank and ESPN showcases its undeniable appeal. As FlingGolf continues to capture hearts across the nation, I am proud to be a part of its journey, cherishing every victory, shared moment, and the joy it brings to all who play.By the way, when I'm out and about, Waterfly's bag is my go-to for a game of fling golf. Much appreciated for keeping me company!

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