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When Running, you don’t Want to Miss it!

When Running, you don’t Want to Miss it!

, by suiyi Yang, 3 min reading time

As the ancient Greeks used to say, ’if you want to be strong — run. If you want to be beautiful — run. If you want to be smart — run.’ And it turns out they were right. Regular running has become part of our routine, and we will definitely notice some positive changes in ourselves. When we go out to run, it is more than a workout, but it is a way to demonstrate our life style and street style. Every time do you need to worry about holding a phone and a key in hand when you run? Then, you need a running waist pack.

Osprey is renowned to make high quality packs for outdoor fans, but sometimes they may reserve a little room to carry small stuff; let alone a phone with a large screen.

Ultraspire is also famous for its elasticity and its capacity, but its simple one-piece design with no buckle makes it hard to put on and adjust the tension around the waist. It may be ideal for a long runner, but from my own experience, it is not convenient to put on and off. As a daily runner, sometimes all you need is a simple and light waist pack designed by WATERFLY.

If you only want to carry a few smaller and lighter items with you, then you should consider getting a running waist pack. WATERFLY waist pack can be your ideal candidate There are four main specialties in the design of the WATERFLY waist pack: its capacity, its comfortability, its lightness and its trendy look.

WATERFLY waist pack’s capacity is enormous compared to it size. When I first bought it, I found it was really small. However, when I found that the straps and packs can easily fit all my necessities, including fluid, food, cell phone, a string of keys, lightener, and even food – 5 energy bars!

WATERFLY’s comfortability is excellent. Some of my friends don’t really like other brands of running waist pack because when they run, the waist pack hangs lower on their body and gives a lower gravity center throughout their run. But when I run with a WATERFLY waist pack, I can barely feel its existence. It stays strong and close with my body. Whenever I go for running, hiking or biking, I feel the straps remain in a comfortable way around my waist. And because it sits right on your waist, you won’t need to stop to take things out of the pack.

WATERFLY is light. There is basically zero burden when I put it on. If you don’t want to carry lots of gear during your workout, or your short trip, the waist pack is ideal. Also, the material of the waist pack is abrasion resistant: I can barely remember how long I have used this pack because it still looks as new and bright as I first bought it.


WATERFLY is trendy. The founder of the WATERFLY, Adam, is a designer who believes that run fashion and high quality can be perfectly blended in his brand. All the packs are exquisite, fashion, and durable. He sets very strict standards for the products: all the fabrics, ornaments, arts and crafts are carefully selected and deliberately made. Therefore, you will never regret when you hold the product in hand and feel that it is made by heart.

Let the season’s latest trend in run fashion, WATERFLY waist pack, enlighten your street style!


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