The LOVE showing from every of you!!!
Cayla is a moutain bike cyclist, who loves to trek and hike! Her social media speaks for her love of outdoor activities. She’s always out for a new adventure. With her cheerful vibe and positive energy, she influences people to go out and enjoy outdoor activities!
Cayla’s choice for her active lifestyle?
The Two-Tone crossbody sling bag by Waterfly! Inspired by Cayala’s passion and love for outdoor recreation, this originally designed and carefully crafted sling bag is your perfect companion for your next outdoor activity. Whether you are hiking, trekking, cycling or maybe just hanging out with friends, The Two tone Crossbody bag by Waterfly is made just for you!
What she said?
"When I first saw the bag Waterfly sent me, I was like WOAH! The colors are so cute! The material is strong for this desert heat and it had all the pockets and features I need for the hikes I go on… this bag is comfortable and versatile. This bag is perfect!"
From: Cayla 
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