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What is the Most Convenient Bag to Carry in the Outdoor?

What is the Most Convenient Bag to Carry in the Outdoor?

, by suiyi Yang, 1 min reading time

Chest bag, of course! The most famous brands for designing chest bag for sports in the market are Adidas and Nike. But one day I saw a chest bag from WATERFLY. The first impression it gave me was light. Although it is made of fabric, it looks firm.

The size of a bag is important in the trip. The WATERFLY chest bag looks small and neat, but the versatile organization can keep your things organized. The capacity of the main bag is huge: you are able to put a folding umbrella, a bottle of water, a long wallet, a phone, a box of cigarette, and a key. In addition, the small side bags make it easier to access and find the stuff you need. Side bags are found in the front, on the shoulder strip, and at the side. You can even carry an iPad in the bag.

If you want to go for hiking, campaigning, running or a short trip, you may not really need a backpack. Who doesn't want to take the least thing to make the travel more convenient? Therefore, the weight and the design of the chest bag from WATERFLY can best suit your needs. To better serve the purpose of the outdoor activities, the WATERFLY chest bag is made of water-resistant nylon, with an ultra-light grid shoulder strap; the bag itself is breathable and light. In all, the bag can be folded. If you don’t need it, you can put it aside, which don’t take your place.

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