What is Nylon Fabric, why outdoor brands love Nylon Fabric?

What is Nylon fabric?

Nylon is known as one of the most useful synthetic fibers in the world. It is the name of a family of synthetic polymers that are commonly used to make a variety of different types of apparel and consumer goods. Unlike other organic or semi-synthetic fibers, nylon fibers are entirely synthetic.

At the beginning, nylon was finding great popularity in clothing with a desire to find alternatives to silk and hemp for parachutes in World War II. Directly after the war, there was a shortage of traditional dress materials like cotton and silk, so some individuals made clothing from repurposed nylon parachutes. 

The early marketing regarded nylon as "stronger than steel”, but consumers found that nylon was highly susceptible to tears. However, when nylon fabric was mixed with spandex, polyester, or cotton, the desirable attributes of this fabric were retained. These days, most nylon garments consist of a blend of various fabrics.

Advantage of Nylon FabricElasticity


When it comes to elasticity, there isn’t another fiber that has the same level of stretch and recovery as nylon. For this reason, nylon has become a go-to material for sports wear. Allowing a close fit, with the stretch and flexibility to match your body, nylon has revolutionized sportswear.


Nylon is a robust and durable material, because it is known for superior strength. Better still, it has an incredible elasticity, enabling it to bounce back to its original size and shape. Other good points include the ability to retain color and resistance to everyday wear and tear.



Nylon can absorb water in different degrees, depending on the particular nylon. This ability to suck up the water around it is one of the reasons nylon is popular in sportswear. It lifts the sweat away from your body, keeping you cool.

 Weather Resistant

Nylon is used to make tents, tarps, and covers for outdoor furniture because it’s resistant to water, mildew. It’s also resistant to abrasion, making it an ideal fabric for use in inclement weather conditions. 


One of the benefits of nylon material is how easy it is to care for. Simply pop it in a cool or warm wash and allow it to air dry. A wash-and-go fabric designed for a busy lifestyle. You can wash it in the evening and wear it the next day.



Nylon is a low-cost textile compared to natural fibers like cotton or linen. Slightly more expensive than polyester, it’s still a relatively inexpensive material and has become a firm favorite for clothing.

Now, you can see why outdoor brands fancy Nylon fabric. Outdoor sports manufacturers include nylon fabric in their textile blends for enhanced elasticity and lightness. In addition, it is one of the most cost-effective fabrics. Most nylon fabric today is a kind of blended material. This ensures nylon is not only strong, stretchy, and cheap to produce, but it also benefits from the properties of the fiber it’s mixed with. Most of the products of WATERFLY are made with Nylon fabric, making them durable and breathable, which can offer your comfortable experience.

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