Waterfly wins Top 10 Best Sling Backpacks 2017!

Waterfly wins Top 10 Best Sling Backpacks 2017!

, by Cong Li, 1 min reading time

We are so pleased that the AllTopTenBest.com recognizes us Waterfly as the Top 10 Best Sling Backpacks 2017!

And the review for us is:

The Waterfly sling backpack is reasonably affordable and features a practical design. It is a simple model made using high quality polyester that makes it durable. However like any other sling backpack it becomes uncomfortable when loaded with a lot of weight.

Looking at its functionality the backpack has a long zipper that goes across it. It has a 10 liter capacity and features 9 interior pouches and a water bottle holder. The backpack can be used to carry small textbooks but it might not offer much room for anything else.

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