WATERFLY Fishing Tool Set --- Best Assistant for Fishing

, by Cong Li, 1 min reading time

WATERFLY multi-functional fishing tool set new arrived.----Fishing pliers / Fishing gripper / fishing towel. ENJOY YOUR LIFE With WATERFLY Outdoor Sports Products.

Good News for Fishing Enthusiasts! WATERFLY multi-functional fishing tool set new arrived in our WATERFLY shop!


After the fishing gloves and fishing wading belt launched, here comes WATERFLY latest fishing tool set, which includes a fishing pliers, a fishing gripper, 3 fishing lanyard & hooks, a fishing towel and a fishing bait bag, this 5 in 1 fishing tool set is really a welfare for fishing enthusiasts.


Made of sturdy stainless steel, the fishing pliers show fantastic corrosion resistance, which can be used for both fresh water fishing and salt water fishing; while the ABS coating handles are effectively anti-slip, and the small lock on the lower part can lock the pliers securely without hurting hands while not used. These pliers are effective for cutting, opening split rings, crimping and changing fishing hooks easily.


Aviation grade Aluminum body and stainless spring loaded make the fishing gripper corrosion resistant from salt water; due to its lightweight design and a trigger that is not overly tight, you can operate this device with just one hand, which allows for greater mobility and handling of the fish with less effort and strain on you.


The 3 lanyards and hooks are multi-functional for hanging various fishing gears like fishing gloves, cycling hat, grippers, etc., perfect to free up your both hands. While the fishing towel and fishing bait bag are both lightweight and portable for outdoors.


Wanna more details about WATERFLY fishing tool set? Click the link here to get more details!

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