WATERFLY 100% Waterproof Backpack

, by Stefanie Ostine, 1 min reading time

Waterproof Backpack Series

WATERFLY is devoted to providing high-quality outdoor gears. Our customers all enjoy their outdoor sports life and like hiking, camping, cycling, fishing and other watersports. In most outdoor cases, we have no idea about the weather while always coming with bad weathers. That' why we design waterproof socks.

Now we find that most backpacks for hiking simply come with a rain cover, or may be made of waterproof material, but not necessarily constructed 100% waterproof material. For better customer experience, we decided to launch our 2018 new OSAH waterproof backpack series

All of them use IPX6 High Waterproof Standard Material, seamless processed, resist to 25000mmH2O average hydrostatic pressure

In order to make our customers enjoy outdoor sports, our OSAH series waterproof backpacks are of various color and suitable size. No matter you go hiking, camping, cycling, fishing or even get inverted in your canoe or kayak, just ENJOY YOUR LIFE with WATERFLY

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