Troubled When Choosing Different WATERFLY Sling Bags? Just Look Here!

Troubled When Choosing Different WATERFLY Sling Bags? Just Look Here!

, by Sophia Chen, 3 min reading time

Many people feel troubled when they plan to buy a suitable sling bag. Everyone has his or her need to use the sling bag. For instance, some people want to buy a big one to hold and protect their camera while other just want a small one to hiking. Thus, today we will talk about the features of our main three sling bags. It is hoped that those details will be helpful for you.


1. WATERFLY Packable Sling Bag

WATERFLY Packable Sling Bag ONJ04-01AW 

The main feature of this sling bag is that it is foldable and portable. With an interior zipper pouch, this chest bag can be folded into it easily and expanded to a large backpack, lightweight and portable, great for daily use and travelling.

It has 15L capacity and several compartments like the strap phone pocket and back zipper pocket. For it is made of superior nylon and mesh fabric materials, it is soft, washable and durable, water repellent and tear resistant, along with delicate workmanship. Although it is water resistant, please do not put it fully in water. Besides, it adopts the adjustable and breathable strap that makes your shoulder fresh and comfortable. Five colors are for your choice.

2. WATERFLY Triangle Rucksack

WATERFLY Triangle Rucksack AW06-01

For this sling bag, its main feature is to provide multiple compartments. It has 7 pockets in total, including one main pocket, one zippered mesh pocket for umbrella, one bottle pocket and two small pockets respectively on the strap and back, as well as several inner separated small pockets. It is super convenient for you to take necessities all in one bag.

Special linen material makes it water repellent and easy to clean. It can also effectively prevent the bag against raindrops and sweat and avoid tearing, wetting and ripping. Its multipurpose bottom mesh pocket is ideal to store wet items like wet towels, socks, umbrella, raincoat, swimwear, etc. What’s more, it is super breathable and comfortable for you to carry and participate in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, running, vacations and gym for there is a mesh padded part on the back side and the Adjustable Strap.

3. WATERFLY Fashion Chest Sling Bag


WATERFLY Fashion Chest Sling Bag ONJ58-01

This sling bag, our hot product, is slightly smaller than the former two bags. But it is a very portable chest bag for most outdoor activities or recreation like hiking, vacations, riding, gym, running, walking in the park with the dogs, etc.

At first, it also has several compartments. For instance, its main pocket with several inner separated small pockets can hold iPad 3/4/5/6 and the should pouch is ideal for iPhone 6 / 7Plus. Then, the back side comes with protective padded design, breathable and comfortable, which makes the bag easy to carry throughout all day. Last but not least, it is waterproof for it adopts the premium waterproof nylon material. And this kind of premium material can also effectively prevent the sling bag from tearing, wetting and ripping, you can rest assured your belongings are dry and fresh even in rainy days.

Besides, its breathable mesh strap provides fresh and comfortable experience for your shoulder. With adjustable buckle, you can adjust the length according to your needs.


In short, those sling bags have some similarities but are different in some details like the size and compartments. We will talk about those differences next time. By the way, all those sling bags both fit for left-handed or right-handed people for there are two D rings on the bag for you to change. Anyway, they are really suitable for you to do outdoor activities like running, biking, hiking and travelling. Now just enjoy your outdoors with our sling bags!



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