Trends in camping and outdoor hospitality

Trends in camping and outdoor hospitality

, by Adam Lee, 3 min reading time

Camping trip is gaining great popularity nowadays. People tend to spend some quality time with the entire family and friends in camping. Disconnect from your cell phones and the business of everyday life, and reconnect with their loved one in the great outdoors. There are some relaxing and marvellous camping spots that you can’t miss in America.

Nockamixon State Park, Pennsylvania

Imagine breathing in the fresh air, admiring the waves on the lakes, Lake Camping will be your best choice. You can definitely enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Nockamixon where will be a great spot for boaters, cyclists and fishers. Surrounding by the water, you can immerse yourselves with the peace and quiet there.

Galveston Island State Park, Texas

When weather heats up, Galveston Island State Park is a beloved beach camping destination in the U.S.. Spend your days paddling the waters, sticking your toes in the warm sand or you can enjoy strolls along the wide sand dunes.

Valley of the Rogue, State Park

Valley of the Rogue State Park is a camping option to celebrate the arrival of spring with trails lined with flowers. There are a large variety of superb spots to see and smell spring flowers. You can walk on your own or enjoy an evening program there. You can also enjoy fishing, rafting, and boat trips in the park.

Camping gear essentials
Before you head for your ideal camping destination, make sure that you have bring the right equipment. To be fully geared up for your trip, here are some essentials that should be on your camping checklist.
A tent is a must for any camping trip which can protect you from heavy dew or high winds. Make sure to pick one that is waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand unexpected weather conditions.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is super handy to treat unexpected injuries or even bug bites, so be sure to pack your own or purchase pre-packaged ones.



It’s always a good idea to pack either a cigarette lighter or a magnesium fire starter, you could also use matches, but make sure they are waterproof.

Water bottle

Always make sure you have enough water and carry additional bottles to keep yourself hydrated. It’s also a good idea to pack in some energy bars or electoral drink crystals.


Pocket knife

A pocket knife will be a nice gear when you venture into the wild. These sharp blades will come in handy when you’re meal prepping and also for trimming ropes and cutting bandages.



Be sure to pack a flashlight or headlamp in your backpack to avoid getting lost in the dark. You can move around freely while cooking or finding your way in the middle of the night.


Sleeping Bag

Choose a pack a warm and comfortable sleeping bag – your back will thank you for this. There are many options including air mattresses or stretchers that you can choose from.


Are you worried that it will cause a mess since you have plenty of stuff to carry? No worries, the Ultra-light Backpack designed by WATERFLY can solve the problems. Its large capacity can definitely contain the camping gear essentials that you need. It has a lot of room with multi-compartments, and two side pockets can hold two large volumes of water bottles. There is no need to worry about the backpack which is full of stuff that will be too heavy to carry because it is lightweight and its s-shaped breathable shoulder straps make it comfortable to put on. Besides, it is water-resistant with an extract water-proof pocket which can be used to separate the dry and wet stuff. It can protect your dry belongings from getting wet after exercising. Also, you put sweaty belongings into it, like sweaty clothes, towels, etc. It is portable since be easily folded into a small pocket for storage so that you can store it in your suitcase or luggage as an extra bag for your camping trip. It can be said that this daypack will be your perfect companion for camping.


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