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Tips on How to Choose a Wonderful Fanny Pack You Want

When you do the outdoor sport like running, biking and travelling, you really need a very portable pack to hold all your items like your mobile phone, wallet, keys, earphones, water. A fanny pack is a good choice for you.

WATERFLY sports fanny pack

The fanny pack is also named waist bag or hip pack. And it is a small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist. It can free your hands for you to do other things like biking or looking after kids for women. Now how do you choose a wonderful fanny pack you want? Here are some useful tips for you. It is better to have a look before you buy one.

1. Size

When you plan to buy one fanny pack, you have to know clearly about your own need, especially the size you want. For instance, if you are troubled by no suitable bag for daily running, it is a better choice to buy one fanny bag with small size for it is enough to hold your necessities like mobile phones, earphones and keys.

Sports Fanny Pack G1

Sports Fanny Pack G2

Sports Waist Bag

2. Water Resistance

It is better for you to pick one fanny bag with strong water resistance. It can perfectly protecting your items against raindrops, sweat and moist. The fanny pack with the premium water resistant nylon outer material will allow this bag super durable and wear-resisting.

Sports Fanny Pack G2

3. Practical Compartments

Most people are more likely to choose the fanny pack with different pockets for it can ideally organize your necessities separately. From the picture below, you can see that there are five separate zipper pockets in our updated fanny pack G2. You can use the four compartments in the main pouch to keep your phone, keys, cards separately without scratching your phone screen.

Sports Fanny Pack G2

4. Price

Besides the three key points you need consider, you also have to take the price into account. For the famous brand’ bags like Osprey, you can enjoy their excellent features but also pay for that. But you do have another choice for there are many excellent fanny packs with competitive price like our hot fanny pack ONJ08-01W with high sales.

Sports Fanny Pack G1

5. Other Useful Features

There are other small features in fanny packs for your convenience. The adjustable waist belt is suitable for different people, kids or adults. The earphone hole on the front right side provides easy access to the earphones so that you can enjoy music or answer a call without taking the phone out while running. 

Sports Fanny Pack G2

Those five useful tips should be taken into your consideration when buying a wonderful fanny pack you want. Now do you have any idea for choosing a good one? It is hoped that those tips can be very helpful for you. If you have any ideas, just share with us. Have a nice weekend!

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