How to Choose Different Waterfly Packable Sling Bags?

How to Choose Different Waterfly Packable Sling Bags?

, by Sophia Chen, 2 min reading time

Our sling bags have even been featured in the list of the best sling backpacks by

Among our sling bags, many of our customers are often confused and troubled when looking at our WATERFLY Packable Sling Bag and WATERFLY Foldable Sling Bag with Waist Strap. Today we will compare these two sling bags and explain their similarities and differences in detail. Read it now! It will be helpful for you!



  • Packable design
  • Large capacity
  • Four compartments


  • Waist strap
  • Shoulder pocket
  • Multi colors



1. Packable design

The two sling bags can be folded into the interior small pouch and be expanded to large sling bags. The packable design is super lightweight and portable for trips or traveling. It can also save space when you don’t use it in daily life or travel.

2. Large capacity

Both of the sling bags have 15 L capacity, and the packable sling bag is slightly larger than the foldable one with the waist strap. Compared our other sling bags, these two bags are slightly larger and can hold most of your necessities like iPad, book, water bottle, etc. 

3. Four compartments

For these two sling bags, there are one main pouch and 3 small pockets. The main pouch can easily hold iPad 4/5/6 or iPad air. The interior zipper pocket can keep your wallet, cash, and other valuables. The side pocket can hold the water bottle or umbrella stably. For the small pocket on the shoulder strap, you can put your phone or cards in it.




1. Waist strap

The waist strap is the biggest difference between two packable sling bags. The packable sling bag without waist strap is more suitable for the customers who don’t like the waist strap, especially during their trips and traveling.

For the foldable sling bag, a waist strap is equipped to fit your body well, especially when cycling, hiking or even running. You can adjust the waist strap length according to your own needs. And the waist strap is only used for this foldable sling bag.

2. Should pocket

The pockets on the shoulder straps are super useful and convenient. You can put your phone or cards into the shoulder pocket. There are some small differences in their shoulder pockets.

The should pocket on packable sling bag has zippers and is more suitable for keeping your phone safe. The breathable mesh pocket on the foldable sling bag has no zipper but you can put your cards or other small items in it and feel more comfortable.


3. Multi colors

Multi colors are offered for your choice. You can see clearly their colors from the following pictures.

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