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Go Fling Golf Go

Go Fling Golf Go

, by LeeAdam, 2 min reading time

Have you heard about Fling Golf?If your answer is no, you are not alone. According to a research statics, in comparison with traditional golf, there are only a limited number of people in the world who are familiar with fling golf. As a mixture of golf, baseball, lacrosse, and even hockey, fling golf is a very challenging and fun sport and you should go and have a try with your family members or friends immediately.   

Playing fling golf has so many advantages over playing traditional golf. It is inexpensive and it will not do too much harm to the grass filed. For those who do not have so much time, to learn how to play fling golf is a very good choice.

Austin Ebersole (IG:showtime_flings), the now world fling golf championship and also a fling golf course manager of American Classic Golf Club in Lewes, Delaware, USA shared with us his personal story of playing fling golf. Austin began to fell in love with this sport at once after watching fling golf match at the PGA Golf Show in the spring of 2019, then he bought a couple of fling sticks and started to play fling golf ever since. Now Austin is also a coach and has directed many learners of all ages to play and enjoy this sport.

To start with playing fling golf, people should have a general knowledge of the rules of playing fling golf. As a coach himself, Austin concluded that the rules of playing fling golf are pretty much the same with playing traditional golf. Golfers will start from the same tees, using the same golf balls, and going to the same pin/cup. But the biggest difference lies in that golfers use only one Fling Stick instead of 14 different golf clubs. So one fling stick can help handle every situation during the game and thus it essentially becomes the driver, putter, woods, and irons all at the same time. There is no need for you to carry so many golf clubs and your essentials with large bag.

Instead, WATERFLY sling bag will be quite suitable for you when you go out to play fling golf with your family or friends.

 Austin first got in touch with WATERFLY in September. The black sling bag he bought from WATERFLY can fit all his belongings when he goes out to play fling golf. He became a fan of WATERFLY then and he bought another sling bag of different color from WATERFLY. Austin appreciates WATERFLY very much because it brings  more fun to his life, the sport he loves and to find a right bag for his golf equipment means a lot to him.

The best part of playing fling golf is how much joy this sport brings to everyone when they try to play. All the players Austin has directed enjoy themselves so much and Austin firmly believes that fling golf is a great sport for entire family to play together.

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