Five Must-Have for Outdoor Sports

, by suiyi Yang, 3 min reading time

When we prepare for a new journey, a set of the outdoor travel equipment with excellent good quality is essential.

#1 Must-Have: Backpack

The backpack is one of the most critical equipment in your outdoor journey. A good backpack can help you complete your journey perfectly. In my mind, the quality of the backpack should be the first factor to consider. When you decide to buy a backpack, the worst scenario is having troubles with tearing or broken backpack in the mid of the trip.

The backpack brand WATERFLY is made of the supreme quality of Nylon. Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made of ultra-strong nylon material. Nylon, one of the most popular pack materials, makes the backpack strong and durable. This backpack is featured with a comfortable back panel and padded shoulder straps to ensure your comfort. In addition, the material of the backpack and shoulders straps are breathable. Carrying the

WATERFLY backpack, you will not be sweating if you have a long walk to take. In addition, when you walk at night, the backpack has a reflective strip to ensure your safety.

To satisfy the multiple purposes of your trip, the WATERFLY backpack is highly organized with multiple pockets and compartments. A 15.6-inch size of laptop will be perfectly fitted in the laptop sleeve inside. The exterior of the backpack is made of the waterproof and anti-scratch material, with a rain cover available to protect your backpack and the delicate equipment inside. In all, it is a perfect backpack for hiking and other related outdoor activities.

#2 Must-Have: Waist

A waist pack is also vital. The main role of the waist pack is to organize some small items; ideally, they can be taken out at any time. The WATERFLY waist pack is an ideal one to achieve these goals. It is mainly hanged in the waist, divided into the main pocket, a couple of a small pocket, and enough room for holding two bottles of drinking water on each side. You can fit your phone, some biscuits, maps, and the water bottle on both sides in this small but handy WATERFLY waist pack.

#3 Must-Have: Water bottle

A light and high capacity water bottle is critical in the outdoor activity. That means you can tote more water without worrying about the weight of the water bottle. Personally, I will go with a water bottle in dark colour, so that people would not notice the scratches on the bottle. WATERFLY provides you with a variety of choices: you will find one with a perfect size for you, light and durable water bottle specifically designed for outdoor adventures. It carries enough water for any training run or works great for staying hydrated.

#4 Must-Have: Toiletry kit

Also, no one will resist having a waterproof toiletry kit. WATERFLY toiletry kit is a stylized, ruggedly cool travel bag. It is made of water-resist and spill proof Nylon to ensure your personal belongings clean. It's loaded with pouches and pockets to hold and organize all the essentials when you're on the go. Also, it is light and handy, a great size for organizing your small little things.

#5 Must-Have: Gloves

Gloves for outdoor activities are something you will never miss when you go out for hiking or skiing. The gloves designed by WATERFLY is made of high quality water-resistant, windproof and air mesh material. Your gloves will stay fresh and clean. Also, it is finished with fabric to effectively increase the friction and adhesion to elevate your performance in the outdoor sport. The high performance ergonomic outdoor gloves are designed to perfectly fit your fingers and increase your flexibility in the performance. Specifically designed for outdoor activities, the gloves have a wrist strap and buckle design. You can put on and take off the gloves anytime and reduce the possibility of losing them.

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