Check out new fashion chest sling bag---original design insight

, by Stefanie Ostine, 1 min reading time

Here comes our new arrived fashion chest sling bag.

As we can see in the photo, the newly arrived bag is perfectly suitable for packing your daily necessities, so is the design.


People don’t like taking a handbag in winter, that’s the reason why WATERFLY strive to design the light, close-to-body chest bag which men can wear out of their jacket.


"1 Velcro-close pocket and a magnetic snap close pocket (perfect for a phone). 1 of the 3 zippered pockets has ample room to carry concealed with easy natural access."--- Review from one of our Customer.


We keep focusing on ergonomic design---thin, light and body curve fit

The sling chest bag not only light and fashion but also anti Our American customer carry guns inside to keep safe.

One more thing, do not forget that the bag is waterproof and made of water resistant material: 70% nylon and 30% polyester because all products will be waterproof at Waterfly.

Come to get one, ENJOY YOUR LIFE



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