Amazing Portable Makeup Bag for Your Travel Life!

, by Sophia Chen, 1 min reading time

A super portable makeup bag will be perfect for your travel life, especially for girls! Today we will give you 3 useful tips on picking your suitable makeup bag. Now just see it!


1. Lightweight Design

When you plan to travel, you will want to take various items like beautiful clothes, bags, hats, sunglasses, skin care items, etc. Your makeup bag should be lightweight so that you can also make your travel light.


2. Multi Compartments

It is super portable if your makeup bag has many compartments. As shown in our hot makeup bag, there are 4 pouches in total. The main pouch is ideal for large ones like makeup remover, pressed powder, sun cream, etc.; inside zipper pocket is prepared for an eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, lip cream, and other small ones; inside Velcro pocket can hold facial puff, makeup removing cotton, etc. So with our makeup bag, you can organize all of your small items well in just one bag!


3. Easy to carry away

Whether you want to use it at home or on your travel, you need to make sure it is very easy to carry your makeup bag. You can also consider the size according to your own need. Our makeup is suitable for usage at home or a short trip.


Finally, we strongly recommend our hot Waterfly Makeup Bag ONJ44. Five colors are offered for your choice. Now just check it~ Especially, we also offer a sweet discount for you. Use the code “WOMENSDAY20”, Win 20% Off Now!




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