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Customization: bags and embroidered patches

At WATERFLY we're proud to have been excelling in bag manufacturing for over a decade. Our efficient processes and long-lasting partnerships with manufacturers enable us to offer excellent value for money. Our main commitment is to be a committed partner committed to enhancing the design, innovation and quality of your products. We are committed to delivering tailor-made products that seamlessly meet the exacting expectations of you and your customers. Explore our customization options to create a bag that meets your unique needs. Additionally, we can create bags that reflect your commitment to sustainability.
We are good at mass customization of bags and embroidery patches, and have completed customization cooperation with many world-renowned companies.

Attach the patches to your backpack, messenger bag, or any other type of bag to personalize and make it stand out. Switch patches based on your mood or the occasion to keep things fresh and interesting. Customize your hats and caps by attaching patches to the front, sides, or even the back. Create themed looks for different seasons or events, such as holidays or festivals.Add patches to jackets, jeans, or shirts to create a unique and personalized fashion statement. Use patches to cover small holes or stains on clothing, giving them a new lease on life.

Welcome to consult us for customized bags or patches;



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