Long before Adam was a founder of WATERFLY, he was a poor kid growing up on the countryside. In 1998, Adam was a high school boy who like spending time on different kinds of outdoor sports. Once he had time, he went hiking, fishing, and trekking etc... Lately, he realized that he needs a sling bag or a fanny back to put him personal stuffs while he was doing all the activities. Those bags could make his hand free from carry all the stuffs. Moreover, A seed of dream was planted on his heart which could design his own outdoor bags.

Despite growing up in a poor family, he was athletically talented and earned a scholarship to the University. After graduating with a degree in business and designing, Adam worked in an outdoor sport company that finally got his first Osprey bag which cost him first month salary. Osprey started to inspiring his designs that he did an amount of researches about outdoor bags. After two years, he decided to start his own professional outdoor brand at an afforadable nice price also having high quality!

Adam always pursuits of success and new opportunities! In 2014, Adam began to design a series of portable and fashionable outdoor bags and devoted himself to making high-quality sound packs as Osprey. At that time, he founded WATERFLY, with a light and delicate logo, which shows like a butterfly gracefully dancing in the air, ever-flowing water in the ocean. It also symbolizes the concept of designing portable, durable and comfortable outdoor gear like bags and backpacks.

WATERFLY was founded by Adam himself with his passion of outdoor, knowledge of bags, and delicate of designs! Adam hopes WATERFLY can bring more fun, vitality and convenience to more young people in the modern daily life. To achieving the goal, WATERFLY is keeping keen to be innovative with the endless pursuit of passion of outdoor, bringing excellent outdoor experiences which helping you to enjoy your life with the great comfort and convenience!