About Us

Adam Lee, WATERFLY's founder, he grew up in an unwealth and natural environment. However he was born for passion of adventure and wants to have a bag but he couldn't afford that.

He always want a convenience and durable bag from his imagination. That kind of fantasy just like the vivid butterfly elf was made from the water. That purely and lightness.

The story became to the concept of the brand. The inspiration presenting the lightness and freshness and pureness. Accessible price and exquisite are the goal we are achieving and Adam believes that is satisfy for every who had any of WATERFLY's product.



WATERFLY represents not only just the feeling also the versatility, sportiness and fun. WATERFLY offering the stylish essentials for your daily which can be perfectly fits up your casual or sporty outfit. WATERFLY holds the spirit of perfection, using the most precise techniques to produce top-of-the-line products.

Precision Craft

As persistent of perfection and environmental consciousness spirit, WATERFLY stick on using costly but recyclable materials for all fabrics , selected the nylon wire with high elastic and also the resistant minus 40 degree material buckles for each product.


Innovations is the constant pursuit of WATERFLY, but quality always comes first. Over the years,  we've learned quality is never an accident; It is precisely because of our strict requirements for product quality that we can be widely trusted by users.

Excellence, perseverance, comparability, and exquisite craftsmanship made us to become successfully replace many big brands and become the most very choice in the eyes of users. WATERFLY is your absolutely trustworthy brand.