In 1840, an old count posted a notice in a small town in France: anyone who could find Isabella butterfly in the mountains at 5,400 feet above sea level would receive 100 gold.

Alan, a boy in the town, resolutely accepted the mission because he needed the 100 gold to buy a wheelchair for his grandfather. Everyone in the town admired Alan's bravery and praised his filial piety. Before Alan's departure, his mother used the only piece of cloth at home to make a tough and tensile backpack for him. His mother put all her love into every stitch.

Alan carried his mother's hand-stitched backpack and embarked on the journey. He showed perseverance and courage in the face of harsh environments, and he was always able to find climbing tools, food, water, etc. prepared by his mother from the backpack. After seven days, he finally found the Isabella butterfly in the mountain forest.

However, the lifespan of an Isabella butterfly is only three days. Therefore, Alan travelled all night, and decided to move forward determinedly even in the face of heavy rain. The muddy mountain road could not stop him from going home. Finally, in the early morning three days later, Alan successfully handed the Isabella butterfly to the old count. However, due to the heavy rain on the road, the butterfly got soaked and it was dying.

Alan was very upset, but the old count comforted him and said, "You successfully completed the task I gave. You see, it looks like a butterfly made of water; it is even more beautiful. You are indeed a worthy warrior." Alan got the 100 gold he was promised. Alan's tale quickly spread in the town, and people described him as someone who "flew to the mountain top like a butterfly."

Since then, Alan had fallen in love with outdoor sports. However, he did not stop there; instead, he constantly challenged himself in outdoor sports. Every challenge he encountered was different. The only thing that remained unchanged was that he always carried his mother's hand-stitched backpack. His mother upgraded the backpack into a waterproof nylon backpack, and it was able to keep the items inside dry even during heavy rain. Alan was like an agile butterfly, flying everywhere he wanted to go.

"Alan's backpack" became an item praised by outdoor sports enthusiasts and gradually grew popular. In 2012, "Alan's backpack" got a more vivid name - "Waterfly" (Water Butterfly), which means that it is as light as a butterfly, and as pure and energetic as water; it also commemorates Alan’s tale of finding a butterfly for the old count.

The Waterfly brand became popular in many countries (such as North America, Europe, and Asia) and all around the world. Waterfly backpack's lightweight and waterproof fabrics, coupled with scientifically reasonable compartment design, allow each backpack to fit your items in bulk and in different categories; the ergonomic strap design distributes the pressure of the backpack, allowing you to enjoy outdoor sports moments. Waterfly, as its name suggests, offers a lightweight, convenient, comfortable and cost-effective outdoor sports experience.

Under the lead of Waterfly, “enjoy your life” has become the idea that outdoor sportsmen adhere to - enjoy life in outdoor sports, discover true selves and become stronger.