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Our Story

Our Story

Every great story comes from a ordinary beginning and this one is no exception. Adam, founder of WATERFLY, was born in a poor family in a remote and quiet countryside. He could not afford many daily necessities including clothes and shoes. As a young boy, the only thing he can afford was to have some outdoor activities such as leaf collection, bird-watching, bug hunting, tree climbing, which he could enjoy himself very much in nature.

Adam remembered the very first time to own an old and worn bag. He stored his belongings into this bag carefully and adjusted this bag to make full use of all those pockets before going out for walking. He enjoyed it so much because he could free his hands for the first time and also there was no need for him to worry about losing his belongings any more with this bag. It occurred to him that he would get a brand new bag one day.

As growing older, Adam became more involved into outdoor activities and he also became more and more environmentally-conscious, which turned to be one of the most important ethnics in his business operation later. When Adam received his first salary, he was very excited and bought a new bag for himself. However, he was not satisfied with that dull and boring backpack. It was at that moment that he made up his mind to design and make functional and interesting bags, which could resonate and evoke positive emotions.

But to design a bag by himself was not easy as what Adam expected because his major was not designing. Adam began to study designing through on-line and off-line learning programme. One year later, he finally designed and made his prototype bag. He was so satisfied with his DIY bag that he carried with it almost everyday. His close friends were all attracted the first sight by his eye-catching bag and asked Adam to design and make a bag for each one of them.

It was thrilling for Adam that his first attempt was unexpectedly recognized among his friends. Without hesitation, he worked day and night to fulfil his friends’ requirement. Adam’s friends were excited to have this unique bag and talked about this bag to their friends, family, and others with whom they have close relationships. The popularity of Adam’s bag and satisfactory feedback from friend circles gave Adam confidence and soon he realized that there must be more people like his friends looking for the bag he designed. Adam had always been emotionally bonded to people, so he continually improved the bag according to the feedback and response. Adam began to support himself through the sale of his bags. He was motivated that his creative designs with fun feature offered additional benefits to customers and he simply wanted more people to get access to this originality and interestingness. His personal interest surprisingly was finally turned into a business.

His involvement in outdoor activities during the first phase of his life shaped him and steered him toward the company he established. As the business grew, he decided to name his product brand as WATERFLY. A name he described as one that brought to mind “romantic visions of flying butterfly on the water”. According to Tao Te Ching written by one Chinese Saint Laozi, water is clear and soft in all its shapes and forms and benefits all things through not-contending. Like water, a formless mind is capable of endless, expansive growth.The butterfly signifies the self -transformation, a proof that approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things. Instead it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing themselves and their abilities in a positive viewpoint.Adam learned from his past experiences that positive thinking and positive emotions would broaden and build his resources and skills, benefit him in the long run. Adam encourages people to study nature, love nature, stay close to nature because nature will never fail people. Adam would like to share this positive mindset and way of life with young generation.

So far, WATERFLY has become one of the leading brands in the global small outdoor sports bag market. However, he still maintains his original idea, insists on making interesting products in the spirit of craftsmanship, designing economical, useful and interesting outdoor sports bags, and upgrading products to meet the needs of global clients. Adam wishes that WATERFLY would reach everyone in the world in the near future, and bring a different and interesting experience to every ordinary user, so that global users can enjoy their lives better with the accompany of WATERFLY.


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