Riñonera ligera resistente al agua 1L

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El elegante diseño y las prácticas características de nuestra riñonera la convierten en una compañera ideal para tus carreras, ya que proporciona fácil acceso a lo esencial sin obstaculizar tu paso.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Westhof
Great running pack

I bought this item about 8 years ago and it just now finally started wearing out so I just bought a replacement. Very good product, I run with it 4-5 times a week

josh terlecki
Just the right size but can use a few improvements

I just recently purchased my third one, because the first 2 had zipper failures on the front pocket, but the pocket layout is perfect for my needs, so I can't resist. I have a Samsung Flip phone (with a case), and it fits snugly in the front pocket, with earbud case in the small (velcro pocket), and wallet and keys and sharpie in the big pocket. The velcro is definitely not the best, and I end up replacing it with higher quality velcro almost immediately, as to not risk losing my earbuds accidentally. I would certainly prefer a larger toothed zipper to accommodate my frequent flip phone access pocket, it would definitely extend the life of the product for me.

Julian Sharpe
Amazing Products

I ordered these for my resort recreation staff and they are absolutely wonderful. They match perfectly with the uniforms and serve perfect functionality with its size and amount of pockets.