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Customer Questions & Answers

Q:can it be worn over the front or back?
A:I use mine as a purse and wear it on the front. To change sides you unclip the strap and clip on the other side.

Q:how long does the strap extend for bigger people?
A:the strap of our sling bag could be extend from 24.8"/63cm to 37.4"/95cm.

Q:Will an iPhone 7 fit in the shoulder strap pocket?
A:It will fit your iPhone 7

Q:Does anyone know if a Samsung Galaxy 9+ phone will fit in the front small phone pocket and with a slim case?
A:The s8 fits with a slim case with about a 1/4 inch to spare...maybe a little more. Sometimes i get my s8 and my work phone which is a s7 together in there. Both have slim cases on them

Q:How big/bulky is the pouch when the bag is stuffed inside?
A:I keep my bagged stuffed with books, water bottles, my wallet and a make up bag. It has lots of pockets and space so it’s never bulky. The material is thin but I have not had any rips despite keeping the bag stuffed. I love this bag.

Q:Will the large pocket hold two 40 ounce water bottles?
A:Yes, no problem. I have a 42oz Arizona Tea bottle in my frig and the main part would hold 2 of those. It's a great sling! I am very happy with mine!

Q:Will this hold 15 inch long compact hiking rods? I have a set and would like to hold a water bottle, wallet and hiking sticks.
A:Yeah, I think so. I'd go with something a little more durable. Very thin material.

Q:Is this too bigfor kids like age 3?
A:No. My child is age 4 and because the strap is made for an adult and does not tighten very far it drags the ground and is to large for a 44pound 3'8" child. The backpack size it's self is perfect for a child it's just the strap that makes it not work for a child.

Q:Can the main pouch fit my 9.7” iPad 6th Generation with my targus classic versavu folio case in it?
A:Yes but would be a tight fit. It is very thin material. No padding.

Q:Has anyone used this for a gym bag? If so how did it work?
A:I have used for overnight, 1 shirt, underwear, toiletries, a small wallet, brush, makeup, and I think I had a magazine and a shopping list/pad of paper with a pen, hair-ties, and keys. Oh and my daily meds. And a small thermos bottle. I love this, it sits well on the floor too, you can wear it crossed over and take the wight off. Shoes could be an issue, but flip flops fit! No signs of wear after about 5 months, All zippers are strong. I am buying another one in a different color. If you have a Sport towel that is absorbent and rolls up small that could fit inside or hang from a clip. Even a thin pair of capris would fit with the rest.

Q:would a 13 inch mac book pro fit inside this?
A:I think it would be a tight squeeze and you'd need a sleeve which would give it more bulk. It's a cool bag but the shape makes fitting a rectangle shape difficult.

Q:Is this bag water proof
A:It's made of rip stop material and I've walked in the rain with it and no problem

Q:Would these backpacks be too big for a seven year old??
A:I think it depends how big the 7 year old is, I'm 5'3" tall and it's the perfect size for me to use for the gym, it's not tiny by any means. My guess would be you'd be better with something smaller.

Q:Will an iphone 8 plus fit in the strap pocket?
A:I have a 7 plus. Mine will fit without my case. If you have a super thin case it may fit with it on.

Q:how deep is the big pocket?
A:It is one large open pocket. I use it for hiking and i put a thin jacket, snacks and water bottle in it. It is fairly large. Hope this helps.

Q:can it be worn on a busty/bigger person?
A:I am a size 18-20 and I did not feel like it was small or choking me.

Q: How big is the bag? Dementions
A:18 inches from the bottom to the top loop. The bottom is 9 inches across. Depth is approximately 7 inches.

Q:What is the measurement of the strap when fully extended?
A:With strap fully extended from top of bag where loop is to attaching to bottom of bag including all plastic connections is 46"

Material: nylon and mesh fabric
Optional colors: black, olive, blue, pink, purple
Size: 13.7 x 4.3 x 17.3 inches
Capacity: 15L

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