WATERFLY Hands-free running belt fanny pack

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Very small zipper pulls. Defective/previously used.

Apparently I was shipped a used and defective Waterfly pack that had been returned. It was missing the top zipper pull and had two airline baggage receipts for Oslo. I really wanted to like this running waist pack, but couldn't get past these design issues (for me at least):>The zipper pulls are very thin and short (about 1/2" long) and hard to grasp easily/quickly, especially while wearing on a run/walk. They are almost impossible to grasp with gloves. According to the Amazon description, they are unbranded.>The phone pouch zipper is partway down the front. That makes it harder to get the phone in and out of it while wearing it running/walking. If it was on the top, it would definitely be better.>The phone pouch is really not long enough to comfortable get a Pixel Pro 7 with an average case in and out of it easily.>There were several threads hanging from the pack, mostly from around the zippers. Not sure if this was because I received a used one or if that is normal Waterfly workmanship and may indicate the stiching would come loose later.I did like to lightweight/stretchy pack and waist belt material. The buckle is easy to use and only requires pressing with one finger or thumb. Visually it is a stylish/discreet pack and looked like it wouldn't cause chaffing or bouncing like others I've seen/used. As I said before, I really wanted to like it, but it failed to work for me, even if I had been sent a new one that was not defective. So I had to return it.

Great waistpack with comfortable band

This waistpack is lightweight, has some stretch to the band and highly changeable in length. I also love that it has a separate little pocket to keep my keys separated from my phone. My only complaint, is I wish the zipper for the phone pocket was higher up. When on you have to flip up the top 1/3 of the pack before you can pull your phone out. It's not a seamless move as it would be with a higher zipper.

Frank Sanchez
Looks good

Looks nice, however the size resulted too small

euro hiker
fits well, very little bounce when running

Pro's;Holds quite a bitEasy to use beltFor me, no objectionable bouncing when running even when carrying small heavy objectsInexpensiveCon's:None thus farZippers are not heavy duty, no problem to date, hope they last

Cellphone jogging case. Doesnt bounce up and down while jogging.

Good for jogging so I can use my blue tooth headphones to listen to my books or my podcasts. Doesnt jostle around. After a while I can barely tell Im wearing it.