Sling Pack with Small Size but Big Potential

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Embrace Outdoor Leisure with the Multi-functional Shoulder Sling Waist Pack. Perfect for Hiking, Traveling, and Everyday Adventures. Stay organized and stylish on the go.

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Good overall backpack and worth the money

I want to say I was skeptical until a friend mentioned this backpack and I tried it. Even the appearance is casual and looks like name brand so it doesnĄŻt look cheap.I like the padding on the shoulder and back. ItĄŻs very sturdy and doesnĄŻt get easily malformed either. Affordable yet high quality and versatile above all else. The weight is evenly distributed and straps are solid same for the clips. As for customizing it the Velcro doesnĄŻt get torn easily and itĄŻs a large space. Will recommendŁĄ

Eric B. Simms
Seems Ideal for the Gym and Travel

I worked out at gyms for more than three decades and have used a variety of carrying devices. This bag is the best gym IĄŻve used to date. I transferred everything from the duffle bag I previously used as a gym bag into this new bag, and there was much room to spare. I can even pack two 64-oz water bottles in the bag. The grab handle is ideal for quickly moving the bag around, which is important on a crowded gym floor. The padded backpack straps make it easy to carry heavy loads, and I can hook my gym timer and eyeglasses into the bagĄŻs MOLLE loops to store them between sets.The bagĄŻs sections and pockets are well planned, making it possible to organize items in different locations and access them quickly and easily. While you can use most any type of bag at the gym, those who do more complex workouts involving different equipment and moving around a lot would benefit from using a well-organized gym bag like this one. If you are looking for a good, reliable gym bag, this should suit your needs well. It also seems to be an ideal bag for an airplane carry on and/or a day pack when traveling

Love this pack!

It is just what I need on summer days in which I don't have many pockets available!

Raffaele Pugliese La Corte
Great cross body for camera

I am satisfied with the purchase..comfortable and sturdy pouch bag..I purchased this bag for my smartphone and I must say that it fits very well inside...5 stars deserved!

Seems great

I won't know for sure until vacation, but it seems great well made and the size I ordered. Now hopefully it fits in the overhead storage and survives a week out of the country