25L Water Resistant Bike Rear Seat Bag for Cycling

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Why we made this

Adventure-ready bike pannier: Durable, expandable, and multi-functional.

Just embrace the journey.

Customer Reviews

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Tad Marsch
Fantastic design and quality!

Upon recieving my waterfly panniers I was immediatly struck with the quality and brilliant design of them.. and the fitment was impeccable!

J. Zell
Used commuting for 4 years, still working

Zipper broke after 4 months but zippers always break. The rubber carry strap broke after maybe 2 years but I just carry it by the buckle. It is just starting to get small holes at the top from folding repeatedly. This is a good value. It's hard to imagine that the more expensive bags are worth it.

Application is great

Overall, I like the portability and size of this saddle bag. The adjustable spring clips for the rack and lower are well made and sturdy. What strikes me odd are all exterior straps, seem excessive, nonetheless; this is a very versatile saddle bag. I've only used it twice thus far and used it to carry my security chain locks and extra garments. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase another for my wife's bike.

David Wang
an reasonably price pannier

I used it for more than one week now. It was sturdy. However, it does not fit my current rear rack. To stabilize it, I have to use a paper clamp. There was a cushion part where the pannier clicks to the rack and it falls out pretty often. I have to very careful every time I take the pannier off from the rack. I am worried one mindless moment may land me in missing that part.

D. Cary Mitchell
Great quality, roomy, and super convenient for shopping

Love this waterproof pannier! I moved to NYC and ditched the car some years back, and rely on a bike for quick trips to the market. This bag is ideal. It holds lots of stuff securely, and can be fastened or removed easily (one-handed!) because of the ingenious clip system. Highly recommended.