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Compact and adventurous. Our packable crossbody sling bag is designed for both hiking and traveling, offering lightweight and convenient storage, perfect for your mountaineering adventures.

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Modified it.

So I gave this 5 stars because its perfect now that I modified it. I sewed down the outside flap so i can just use the zipper as i hate velcro (so i seam ripped that out). Other thing i didnt care for was the small red piece of elastic on the outside. I replaced it with a longer slide elastic and attached that through the loop to keep the flap down. Now i can thread a jacket through the flap. It took me a while to make the modifications but I took the time because it is a great bag and was worth it... It's lightweight and will pack inside my larger backpack, has a comfortable strap thst goes long enough for me to use it as a purse, and has roomy convenient pockets with good zippers. Cell pocket is nice and soft. Kind of small but my phone is small. Water bottle pockets are shallow but elastic seems tight so my smaller bottle stays in well. Fabric is good and seems tough considering how thin and lightweight it is, and appears to will withstand a little water and dirt when hiking/camping. Havent put it to the test though to see if constructiin holds up. Looks like it will though. Cute enough to wear everyday as a sporty purse.

Dapper GuyDapper Guy

Searched dozens of these "sling" bags as I primarily wanted a small (call it) backpack for daily use to carry mostly spare stuff I only occasionally need but also do have a summer family reunion flight & vacation coming up...Love HOW SUPER SMALL this bag can be as in the manufacturer photos sold me BUT ALSO KEY features like:Key strapInside pocketsStrap (phone but can be other) pocketUPON opening it I am amazed & I do not get amazed by products often!PROSAll the above AND SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT yet feels like really strong durable fabric.Big enough for me to get in all items I wanted to & still have space remainding!CON?The only possible negative might be if you want a firm bag to hold its shape when nothing inside? But I much prefer having the ability to fold it up on itself so I can take it on vacations or other outings as the spare or day bag yet again store in carrying or suitcase using very little space and next to no weight!Maybe also for some is the side pockets are too small for larger water bottles but if I need a bigger bottle I will also likely need to use a bigger bag on those occasions!Waterproof? I do not care if it is or not as you should have this on you INSIDE your raincoat of which it will easily fit even when packed full!Have not tried yet but looks like my micro-PC (similar size as iPad but a little thicker) will fit if I need to take it.Will try to remember to update this after my summer travels in July but if I forget to update this then you know I'm happy as ever with it!

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

Holy cow, the value for the money is a WIN. this bag packed easily in my luggage and was GREAT for our trip to France. It carried everything, even our water bottles. Absolutely a must for international travel or day hikes.

Great post-diaper bag!

This is a great “mom bag” for after the diaper bag! I can still fit a change of clothes for 2 kids, coloring supplies, full size sunscreen, travel baby wipes, masks, bandaids, 2 water bottles on the sides, multiple snacks, keychain sanitizer, and my phone on the strap in this bag! Took it to DC for spring break and it fit under our umbrella stroller, was easy on the Metro, and light on my back! I keep bragging about it to all of my friends. So far the quality has been great and no issues (About 5 weeks of use.) It’s also easy for my husband to wear. My only wish is that it had a buckle clasp on the bottom where the strap connects to the bag, so I wouldn’t need to get it over my head each time getting it on and off, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Perfect For Us

I've been looking for the perfect dog walking bag for awhile now. When it was first delivered I was confused as it was enclosed in the bottom pocket LOL I carry a small water bottle as this was only for short walks with my dogs but it holds the poop tube, the bags, in the small pocked on the strap I have mace and chap stick, the top pocket holds extra bags, the bottom pocket holds a small pack of antiseptic wipes, inside a collapsible bowl and my wallet & phone. It could hold more for sure. And when I have to grab a waste bag it swings around so nicely without having to take it off my shoulder etc. It's nice that I can do this quickly as one of my dogs is a bit of a scaredy cat so I like to keep a good hold on the leash while picking up their poo. I just got it Saturday so it's still a bit wrinkled up but used it immediately.