What Do You Really Need for Your Running?

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In running, every step you make and every push forward changes you, Running is a simple sport you can do easily, especially in the Spring. Finding the right running items will be greatly helpful for you. Today, our gear editors research and share the 5 essential running gears you do need in your running life! So, are you excited? Now here we go.

  • Running shoes
  • Sports leggings
  • Sports shirts and jackets
  • Running bags
  • Headphones


  1. Running Shoes

The right running shoes are the most important running gear you need whether you are running beginners or professional runners. Old or ill-fitting sports shoes are one of the main causes of pain and injury. So it is time to find a pair of new and suitable sports shoes for yourself!

Now how to choose the right running shoes? Different runners have different needs for running shoes. For instance, the heavier runners want to find a supportive and cushioned shoe while lighter runners might prefer a more minimal shoe. Anyway, these five golden rules should be kept in mind when buying new shoes.

  • Get your gait tested
  • Try before you buy
  • Think about your terrain
  • Racing versus Training
  • Focus on that first-try feel


    1. Sports Shorts and Pants

    Sports shorts and tights are necessary for running lovers. It depends on the different temperatures when you decide to wear shorts or running tights. The lightweight design is very important.

    When it comes to pick the right shorts, you should keep in mind that the best shorts are made of breathable and lightweight fabrics. Most of them come with a light mesh interior underwear lining. 

    WATERFLY Sports Stretch Pants for Women

    Running tights may be more suitable for cold weather. Made from high-performance stretchy fabrics, running tights can draw moisture away from your body so you can feel comfortable in the running.

    WATERFLY Sports Stretch Pants for Men



    1. Sports Shirts and Jackets

    Shirts and jackets depend on the weather and your own needs. You may be interested in different shirts and jackets like long-sleeves, short shirts, sleeveless shirts, raining jackets, jackets with sun protection, etc.

    Styles and materials should be considered when you’re shopping for your new running shirts and jackets. Most running shirts have an athletic cut that’s more fitted than your average workout shirt. Short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts are needed for year-round training or running. You also need to check other factors like fitted cuffs, thumbholes, and necklines. For jackets, some runners may love the ones with hats.

    WATERFLY Women Sports Skin T-Shirt


    For material, all-cotton shirts are the choice of many people. But it should be wary that this kind of material gets heavy when wet and dries slow. Other better options are technical fabrics that blend various materials—like polyester, elastane, spandex, and nylon. For the jackets, you may want a completely waterproof or just water-resistant jacket. You need to check the material details first.

    WATERFLY Men's Speed Run Jacket with Sun Protection



    1. Running Bags

    Running bags are needed in your running for you can free your hands and put the necessities in the bags like your phones, keys, headphones.

    WATERFLY Sports Fanny Pack


    The size and style are the key factors to pick the right running bags. Normally, more people like running belts, slim fanny packs, or arm bags. You should keep it in mind that a super lightweight and comfortable bag is the best choice for running. These lightweight and small bags will help you to free up your hands and you won’t feel like one side of your body is heavier or bulkier.

    WATERFLY Waist Bag G2 Extreme Sports


    1. Headphones

    Running with music is a very good choice. And the music is proved to bring you more enjoyable training experience and help you to run much better. Then, a proper pair of headphones is one of the essential running gears you do need.

    If you are looking for a pair of headphones for treadmill use or trail running, you may be more concerned about sound quality than the ability to hear environmental hazards around you. Anyway, there are some factors for these good running headphones: high quality, durability, moisture-resistance, good music quality. And you also need to try and see whether it fits your ear well. 



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